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Paul Bauer is me, a 31 year old graphics designer, currently residing in Vienna / Austria. Having grown up in the lovely city of Graz, I graduated in Information-Design in 2005 from the University of Applied Sciences. I have been working as an employee for numerous clients in a large variety of fields since then, including Core77 in New York (Web-Design and Development), gotv (Video-Editing), Atelier Lois Renner (Photography and Digital Retouching) and also been doing quite a lot of freelancing (various clients include Atomic, the Austrian Green Party, the Grazer Kunstverein and many more). Focusing on Animation, Web-Design and Photography (though not limited to) I am available for freelance work. Just drop me a line.

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Paul Bauer

Urban-Loritz-Platz 7/12a

1070 Wien


T: +43699 14021602

M: loveyourstuff@paulbauer.net

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